UBiTrack brings the most advanced and reliable service in fleet tracking and management technology. Our product is fully configurable and impeccably meets the varied requirements of fleet management. UBi-Track parallely manages multiple alerts, manages combination of events and enables automatic operation by maintaining stable operational continuity..
A representation of the UBi-Track network in function. UBi-Track put your Fleet from anywhere in the world.
  • UBi-Track provides a fully customizable fleet management solution, designed to meet the heterogeneous needs of varied industries.
  • UBi-Track enable you to plan alerts and set destination route, live tracking through GIS map, custom reports based on date and time.
  • UBi-Track helps you to win more control on your fleet and enhances productivity.


UBiSSCO is a single stop provider of hardware and software solutions for the embedded systems market, since 2008.

UBiSSCO was incorporated in the year 2008 by a small group of highly qualified technocrats with sound business acumen and strong technical skills. The top management has hands on experience in the design, development and deployment of microprocessor / microcontroller based systems.

UBiSSCO specialized in the research and development of quality driven, solutions which are highly customizable, capable to uplift clients to the optimum level of growth by maximize their performance by permitting them to utilize their resources more effectively.